Current mood

After five years living in London we’ve decided to take a little break, sell (most of) our stuff, pack up the rest, put it in storage and go travelling.
It just feels like the right time for it. Also, people keep telling us we’re ‘not right in the head’ and we didn’t want to disappoint.


So, where we at?

Currently we’re in Hoi An, Vietnam.
I’ll add some lovely posts soon.
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Hoi An Vietnam
We’re at the red dot…


What’s dreamines about?

Well, usually it’s where I write all sorts of shenanigans – what inspires me, happiness, life, dreams and things I love, such as food (oh glorious food!) and travelling.
In the coming months I plan to (mostly) write about our travels and adventures. Hope you can join us!

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Who’s we?

‘We’ is my lovely hubby and I.