I love FOOD!

One of my favourite things in the whole world is food. I love talking about food, I love cooking for my family, my friends, for myself, but most of all I love eating! And I am not picky, except for lamb, that I don’t like, I like pretty much everything else. I like healthy stuff, greasy stuff, grilled stuff, fried stuff, meat, fish, savory and sweets! Mmm specially sweets. And chocolate. And cakes. OMG I have to stop, it is making me hungry.

I once met a girl who didn’t really like eating and recently found out there’s more people like her out there. It was the most shocking revelation someone ever made to me. How can you not enjoy food? It’s just heaven! Really, if heaven does exist my version of it is a food festival.

I had days where I wished I didn’t like it as much, you know? Where I wish I could be one of those people ‘blerg, burger and fries, how greasy, disgusting!’; but no. I can always eat, regardless of my mood.

However I found out a few years ago that I have a very high cholesterol. As I don’t wish to have a stroke any time soon, I try to be mindful of what I eat. Balance it a bit, you know? Eat healthy most of the time, have a few cheat days and try my best to exercise. Being Portuguese I am quite used to a healthy and balanced Mediterranean diet either way. I am just keeping all the chorizo and yummy cheese out of it.

I am also allergic to black pepper and chilli, which in the UK doesn’t get easy when it comes to eating out. But I manage, even if I have to pop five pills to make the swelling go away.

In Dreamifood I am hoping to post a few stories, a few photos (this photo is my ‘Duck a l’Orange’) and videos (and perhaps recipes) of all the food that makes me feel like I’m in heaven. Because honestly it does.

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