Helen and Maurice are in love

This is a bit of old news – it was featured across UK news last summer – but it’s still a loving and beautiful story from two inspiring people.

Helen and Maurice Kaye, 101 and 102 celebrated their 80th anniversary last summer. And if you’re thinking, ‘oh another one of those stories of someone who is 100 years old but then they’re in a home and can hardly move or speak’, you need to watch their interview (below). They both sound like they should be 40 years younger. Yes that’s right – they remember every single detail from when they first met and their wedding which, in case you’re wondering, was in 1934. Not only do they remember, they are still quite witty and playful with each other, telling jokes and laughing together.

Now that’s what I call inspiring! 80 years together! 80 years living together and overcoming whatever life threw their way. The II World War, the loss of a son and a daughter, and that’s to name a few as I am sure in 80 years of life the challenges that they had to overcome were more than many. And still there they are. Loving and supporting each other.

Today is a special day for me as well, it’s our anniversary – 11 years! Before you jump to any conclusions, no, we’re not that old. We met when we were teens and we’re still together. Most importantly we’re still in love and we are still crazy about each other.
So if you’re one of those sceptical people, that focuses on the negative and likes to say ‘50% (or more) of marriages ends in divorces’ then this is for you. It’s not always the case. Love can survive. Love is real.

How? Well there’s no secret potions, if there was they’d be flying off the shelves. Each couple will learn their own way of making it work. But I have to agree with Helen and Maurice, it’s mostly about being tolerant with each other, about knowing when to give a little and when to take a little, and in our case too, about laughing at the same things. My better half doesn’t give me flowers or chocolates either – well he has once or twice – but he is incredibly kind in other ways. And we always have each other’s side. We support each other no matter what and we always speak out when something is bothering either of us. Communication is also key.

Success means different things for different people; for me it means many things, but without a doubt Helen and Maurice are a brilliant case of success. I hope to one day achieve the same.

Let their story, and their love, inspire you. Even if you haven’t found your prince charming or your dream girl, or whoever it is you’re looking for, this weekend believe in love. And share the love; there’s always someone around you, if not a better half, your mum, dad, your sister, a friend, a pet, anyone. Just believe in Love.

Here’s Helen and Maurice’s beautiful story. Thank you for being an inspiration.

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