Dreamifood, London

Brunch at the Wildflower

All right we’re half way through the week and it’s time for another Foodie Wednesday, yummy!

I was supposed to give you an update on my detox results however, silly as I am, I’ve packed everything – the scale, my measurements tape, my booklet with all my measures and weight – so I can’t really give you an accurate result. I felt really good all of last week, except I fell ill on Friday (just a cold) and felt like eating loads of crap food but didn’t (I swear). I behaved very nicely until my cheat day (Saturday): I had a delicious Doughnut, it tasted of heaven and dreams. And I may have cheated Sunday as well… oops! Oh c’mon, I’m only human after all.

Ok let’s focus on this week! Instead of talking about something I cooked myself or a new food regime, I thought of telling you about this lovely lovely place I went on Sunday. It’s called the Wildflower Cafe in Nothing Hill. It’s cute, adorable and cozy and most importantly it serves the best brunch ever. And it’s not that expensive (for London anyways).

Maybe this is old news, and everyone has been there already, but honestly I loved every thing about this lovely Cafe in Nothing Hill.

We booked it for eight people but had a few last-minute drop-outs so it was four of us in the end. It didn’t really matter because they had only booked for two, so we all had a laugh about it and they managed to find a table for the four of us. We arrived at 1 pm and there were still a few tables available but around 1.30 it was fully booked. It’s quite small as well so if you’re planning on going please book ahead.

The staff was absolutely lovely, very kind and friendly; the place is very well decorated – I loved the hat-lamps, the chairs, the tables, the flowers, everything. They have a big square table which is perfect if you’re having brunch with a big group of friends.

Now, let’s talk food. Yes! It’s delicious! They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and supper, but as we were going for brunch we only looked at this menu:

Picture  from the Wildflower website - http://www.wildflowercafe.co.uk/
Picture from the Wildflower website

For other menus you can go to their website here.

Our chosen ‘brunches’ were (drums please): 2x Goodness Breakfast, 1x Three Eggs Scrambled with bacon and avocado and 1x Wildflower Steak Melt (this looked amazing but unfortunately I forgot a picture, silly I know!). The food was impeccable. Very good presentation (not that I care much about appearances), amazing combination of tastes and the sourdough toast was just divine.

The Goodness Breakfast
The Goodness Breakfast
Three Eggs Scrambled with Bacon and Avocado
Three Eggs Scrambled with Bacon and Avocado

The fresh juices are also amazing; I had the Carrot & Ginger one that was quite a ginger kick. Honestly at some point I thought there was chilli in it and I would die (allergic) but I didn’t so either there wasn’t any chilli or I’m cured.

The friendly staff is also perfectly OK with you mixing and matching your fruits (ah this sounds funny, giggles); for instance one of my friends had Carrot & Ginger & Watermelon and said it was delicious!

So overall our rating experience is 5***** and would absolutely recommend. Cheery on top (for me at least)? One of chefs is Portuguese, so I feel like I was supporting my roots as well.

Portuguese Pastries
Portuguese Pastries

We could have ended our food pampering here and made it a healthy day, but nay. Lisboa Patisserie (Cafe Lisboa, Goldborne Road) is just 15 min away so we marched our way there to get us some desert. To our desolation there weren’t any Pasteis de Nata (they don’t usually have it Sunday afternoon, I forgot) but we still got our hands/mouths on some delicious typical Portuguese pastries. It was heaven.

Oh don’t judge us! We walked to the park afterwards, I’m sure we burned all those heavenly tasting calories.

Now that’s what I call a Dreamifood day!

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