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Oh Game of Thrones… *Spoilers alert*

Game of Thrones season finale. Everyone has been talking about it, and I couldn’t help myself either. I am one of those annoying people who actually read the books and have been holding this in, just so I wouldn’t spoil it for my husband, but finally it’s out there in the open, and I too can share my pain. Oh Jon Snow… you really knew nothing, did you?

For a few years I’ve been in pain not being able to share how hurt I was with Jon Snow’s death. I mean I threw the book at the floor so hard I thought it might break something (it’s a heavy book). The only other time I did that was when Tyrion drowned.

Jon Snow, the honourable bastard, stabbed to death by his own men. So sad, and heartbreaking and as easy as that, one of my favourite characters goes. I have to say, usually when my favourite characters die, I skip a few pages ahead to see if they’ll be OK at some point. I did it with Frodo, Harry Potter and even Tyrion. Unfortunately there’s no more book for me to skip ahead to and look restlessly for Jon Snow’s name.

It sounded quite terminal to me, despite what everyone is saying. In a way I was hoping they might change it in the series, as they changed a few other things, but I guess it wouldn’t be as exciting. Will he be brought back to life by Melisandre? Will he go on living as Ghost? (In the books he is a skin changer too, not as gifted as Bran, but hey, I’m trying to keep all options open). I guess only George RR Martin and his devious mind will know.

I have to say I am a massive Game of Thrones fan and think George RR Martin is an absolute genius. I used to say Tolkien was my favourite writer of all times, until I started reading Game of Thrones. A lot of people don’t appreciate the fantasy genre or the long descriptions and complex worlds and characters. I rejoice in it. The more complex the better. And apparently the darker the better.

I watched an interview where George RR Martin said he didn’t like predictable stories or ends. He didn’t like that everyone knows that no matter how hurt the ‘hero’ gets it will always be alright in the end. That he liked to keep his readers on the edge “not knowing if their favourite characters will be alive when they turn the next page”. And it works, I mean I can not breathe when I am reading the books. I can’t even put the books down. It’s so well written that just a few lines will take me back to Westereos or across the narrow sea. I remember getting off my train to go to work, putting the book in my backpack and thinking “where did the dragons and knights go?” It’s that powerful.

Despite wanting Jon Snow not to be dead, I kind of think it would be weird to bring him back. Because that’s the ‘predictable’ thing right? At the same time it ruins the whole finale I had cooked in my head, where Jon Snow would actually be Rhaegar and Lyanna’s son, and therefore the righteous king, right? Well he’d still be a bastard, but wouldn’t that be oh so cool?

Oh well, I guess I have to be patient and wait for the next book – or series – to come out. I know I will need a whole box of chocolates to get me through it, regardless of what George decides to do.

Meanwhile, RIP Jon Snow. Or don’t, and come back to us. As you wish, but let us know because we need to grieve. Or not.


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