Foodie Wednesdays update… and a bit of London

It’s funny how once you start writing a blog your ideas start getting into place and finding their own path. I read it somewhere that when you feel sort of lost, starting a blog is one of the best things you can do precisely because it will help you find your way. I love writing and I’ve always kept diaries, wrote letters and personal things either way. Why I’ve only just started with the digital stuff beats me.

One of the interesting things I found out, and please don’t be disappointed, is that as much as I love eating I don’t really enjoy writing recipes or about how to cook this and that. Don’t worry though. Food is and always will be a very important part of my life. And I am one of those creeps who takes pictures of all the stuff I eat (as long as I’m not starving). Also I eat out a lot and can give you great tips. Plus if you see something you fancy cooking yourself on a picture I posted, just leave a comment or message me on twitter and I’ll give you the recipe, no worries.

Foodie Wednesdays isn’t going anywhere, it’s just getting a small makeover. I’m adding a bit of ‘places to go and see in London’ as well so it’s (hopefully) a bit more useful. Ok intro over, let’s get cracking.

Last Friday I met a friend for lunch. Well actually she took the day off to go to the hairdresser, to get her highlights done, so I met her there and then we went for lunch. I know it is foodie Wednesdays but let me just say, the hairdressers were hilarious. They’re both Brazilian, as is my friend, and they are just super fun. Fernanda Nabuco is just the sweetest and funniest ever! And an excellent professional, my friend’s hair looks amazing, very light and summery. I’ve never coloured or done highlights, but if I ever want to do it I know where to go. Here, take a look if you’re interested. (I swear this is not sponsored).

Ok slightly off subject there, back to food; by the time we left Fernanda’s Hair salon we were both starving. We walked from Victoria to Sloane Square, trough Eaton Square – a lovely walk on a sunny day – and settled at the Duke of York Square, just off King’s Road. It’s one of my favourite areas in London, I particularly love the Saturday food market and the Saatchi Galleries (where you can go for free BTW). If it’s a sunny day there are some lovely terraces in the back of the square where you can just grab a drink and catch up with friends.

As we were hungry we settled for the first restaurant we saw: Le Comptoir Libanais. If you’re not familiar with it, Le Comptoir Libanais serves (quite obviously) Lebanese food and has several restaurants across London. I have never been to Lebanon and don’t have any Lebanese friends so I wouldn’t be the right person to tell whether it is the ‘real deal’ or not, you know, if it is authentic Lebanese food. But I can tell you that I really love it. My friend is Brazilian but comes from Lebanese (and Portuguese) descendancy and she thought it was great. So there’s your authentication, if you need one.

We both had the delicious Toufaha Lemonade (Apple, mint & ginger); the picture looks a bit weird because I was too hungry to get my camera out, but trust me it was deliciously refreshing. We shared the Mezze Platter which was delicious as well. Again, too lazy to get my camera, but it looks exactly as the picture on the website (below). It’s quite filling and has a great combination of tastes and flavours. And it comes with a bit of everything, so you can try several different Lebanese delicacies.

Mezze Platter picture from
Mezze Platter picture from
Toufaha Lemonade
Toufaha Lemonade

We stayed there for a little longer, enjoying the sun, catching up, laughing and gossiping before making our way to desert. We went to Café L’ETO on King’s Road, which probably everyone in London already knows about, but I had never been before and OMG. It was AMAZING. The honey cake is just to die for. And the tea pots are the nicest! I kind of wanted to take one home (but didn’t).

I absolutely love cakes, but funny enough I don’t like it when it’s too sweet. The L’ETO’s honey cake is the perfect combination of smoothness, fluffiness and sweetness. If you haven’t tried it, I promise it’s a must! It’s absolutely dreamy!

L'ETO's Honey Cake
L’ETO’s Honey Cake
Fresh mint tea at cafe L'ETO
Fresh mint tea at cafe L’ETO

To ‘shake off’ the calories we walked to Hyde Park. We took Sloane St all the way to Knightsbridge, and just walked straight ahead into the park. It was a lovely sunny day so we just stayed there the whole afternoon, not eating more food.

At night I met some friends at Byron’s, and to balance out my calories I just ordered the classic cobb salad – no dressing, no egg. I kept the crispy bacon though, because you know, you gotta have bacon. It’s actually very good and massive (for those thinking ‘I can’t have a tiny salad’). Sometimes you’re out all day and you don’t really want to cheat on your diet, or eat junk food, but the fact is that most places will have healthy (and filling) options. Just check that the salads aren’t full of greasy dressings and croutons, because in that case you might as well have a delicious burger.

Byron's Classic Cobb Salad
Byron’s Classic Cobb Salad

Ok more updates on dreamifood and London next week – or maybe dreamifood and another country as we’re going away for the weekend, uuu teaser. Stay tuned!

Hyde Park London

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