About last weekend

This week’s Foodie Wednesday could not get easier for me! All I did last weekend was eat amazing things, so I have plenty to share. Not the actual food, I can only tell you about it as I ate it all.

Ok where to start? Well I guess it all started Friday with a delicious homemade squid stew. Now I know that the word squid alone already send some people cringing away, but stick around as there is more to this Foodie Wednesday than just the squid.

But let’s talk about how yummy the squid was! Honestly I don’t want to sound arrogant or cocky but OMG it was the best ever. I usually opt for stuffed squid, but that is too much work, and as I was feeling lazy I decided to google a few recipes for squid stew. I didn’t find any particular one I liked so I just decided to use the same basis they all referred to – olive oil, onion, garlic and tomato – and then added the squid, bay leaves, some water, white wine and finally some carrots and peas (I love peas). It turned out delicious!


Saturday we went for lunch at the Fine Food market at the Duke of York Square (remember I mentioned it before?). We hadn’t been in ages, I think almost a year, and decided to go and see what’s new. There were a few new stands, and everything smelled incredibly delicious, but we ended up eating what we always have: the Brazilian beef sandwich. It’s divine. The meat is super juicy and tender, and you can add up to four ‘fillings’ in your sandwich. I chose onion, lettuce and cheese. They also sell ‘pão de queijo’ which is amazing, coxinha and ‘Feijão com Arroz’ (typical beans and rice), which looked divine, but it was 30 degrees, so I couldn’t bring myself to eat hot beans.



There’s plenty of other options though: Peruvian, Jamaican, Turkish, Italian, handmade heavily tasting burgers… you can even have oysters (I do not like oysters) and amazing British pies. Now I am not British, but I do love pieminister’s pies. I think I could eat four pies in one go, but again, I felt it was too hot for pie.

mercado2 mercado3 mercado5 mercado6

It was a lovely sunny day and there were these two guys playing the guitar – The Mangore Duo – who sounded absolutely amazing. It was the perfect soundtrack for the perfect day.

In the evening we met some friends at this great place called ‘The Paperworks’ close to Elephant and Castle. It’s a really cool outdoor club, with street food, great electronic music and a nice ‘Berlin’ vibe to it. It’s really casual so you don’t have to worry about dressing, it has a bit of a festival vibe to it though, so keep it cool. I really recommend it. Oh and the burgers are also amazing – they’re not very big though and the fries were very salty – but the burger was really yummy.

On Sunday, slightly hangover, we decided to just stay home relaxing. We had some scrambled eggs for breakfast, fish for lunch – I know, not really hangover food, but we had these two fresh sea bass to cook, couldn’t let it go to waste – and in the evening I prepared an incredible Canard a l’orange (roasted duck with orange). Again I swear I’m not being arrogant, but it tasted amazing. This is a recipe I do quite often though, so I have practiced many times before, and as they say practice makes perfect. It wasn’t perfect but it was close. Every time I do it I try to change something slightly to perfect it, but I think next time I’ll just do the exact same thing.


PICT_20150705_203624 PICT_20150705_203158

And that’s it for this week’s foodie Wednesday.

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