Yeay! It’s summer time! And what happens in summer? Well in some countries it gets sunnier and warmer than usual, but mostly people go on HOLIDAY!

I said before how much I love travelling, but so far I haven’t written a single travel post – oops! Shame on me. I thought with the holidays coming up, and maybe a lot of people taking a few days off, it would be a good time to start.

I will be going on holiday as well, back home to Portugal, to enjoy the sunny weather, beautiful beaches and wonderful food (and see my family and friends, who are my priority of course).

As usually my schedule is already pretty tight, to make sure I see and spend time with everyone I love and miss. But if I have a spare day I promise to go around Lisbon, take a few pictures and dig in ‘what’s hot right now’ so I can share with you later.

This year we’re going to the Algarve and I am super excited because it’s been ages since I’ve been there. I know it probably sounds weird, but when you live in Lisbon the Algarve is just there, you know, only three hours away (maybe less), so it’s the perfect go to destination for a long weekend with the friends, boyfriend, etc. I am saying this but actually when we were kids we used to go to the Alentejo coast (west) with our family. There were fewer people (tourists), the landscape and food are amazing, and the people very nice. The beaches are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean though, so the water is much colder than the Algarve. But who cares when it’s 35 degrees?

Preparing for holiday is stressful though. Already spent the whole morning running around making sure I got everything, and you know if you’re a lady there’s tons of other things (waxing, scrubbing, last-minute panic dieting, etc etc), getting all the cameras, chargers, cables, and finally packing – which is driving me crazy because we’re only taking hand luggage for 2 weeks!! Who does this? (you are probably wondering) My husband that’s whom. (Yes you honey). It’s true that I’m also a fan of low-cost travelling, but hand luggage only for two weeks, for a girl who loves summer, is nearly impossible… I had to compromise and leave my other 10 pairs of gorgeous ‘haven’t seen the daylight this year yet’ sandals behind. Snif…

Usually I like to have plenty of time to pack and most times I plan an outfit for each day, and pack it in order of use… Yes, that’s OCD. However as we are going for two weeks, my plans aren’t very ‘finalised’ yet, and I had to pack in a hurry this morning so the hubby could take some extra stuff of mine in his luggage (oh boo hoo, it’s his fault!), I just packed a bit of everything to have plenty of choices. It still looked like this:

I know, I’m pretty neat.

Anyways as I was saying it’s likely that the next few posts are about places we’ve travelled to, not the usual motivational and ‘dreamines’ stuff, but hey maybe it will help you out if you’re planning a ‘dreamitravel’ somewhere? (haha couldn’t help it) Obviously it’s all based on personal taste and what works for me may not work for you, but it’s always good to know a few things right?

You must know this in advance: I am completely obsessed with planning things especially when it comes to travel, I mean to a OCD level. Every time we are thinking about going somewhere I create a folder, spreadsheets, budgets, quotes, I research blogs about places to go and visit, try to find out what the ‘locals’ advise and it all culminates in a wonderfully crafted timetable of our days planned to detail. I am not a complete freak though, when we get to the place I usually chillax and it’s OK if we don’t do everything on the schedule… I am quirky like that.

Ok got to run, still have to pack a few things (computer) before getting the train to the airport! Bye-bye!

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