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A new challenge

Big news: today I start a new job!

Now you might be thinking “what about all that bollocks about quitting your job and looking for your passion?” Don’t worry I have not given up. And in a way I think this job much closer to finding it… I’ll explain.

One of the things I’ve always felt at my previous jobs is that it didn’t really mean anything to me. I mean, it was fun (sometimes) going to work, meeting new people, chatting with friends, but the honest truth is I didn’t really care about the company, the products we made, our sales, etc… Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t trying to boycott it. I never wanted the company to do badly, mostly because I didn’t’ want to see any more friends losing their jobs. In the end, I did my job, and did it well, I’ve always been a good professional, but I just didn’t feel proud or excited about any new products and services, sales and budget achievements and all that stuff. Reality is, I couldn’t care less

I think the main reason for that is that at the end of the day I would always question myself ‘what have I done today to help others? How has the work I did today helped the world in any way?The truth is it didn’t. Other than a good paycheck that allowed me to contribute to charities a bit more, I couldn’t find anything that would make me feel amazing about my job. I’ve always felt a great connection with others, I love people, and therefore have always felt the need to do something that has a (good) impact on others. I am absolutely not judging those who work in the corporate, industrial, business, etc worlds, at all. We need all those things too, and we need someone who loves doing it; I know that in life we all have different parts to play, and that just wasn’t mine.

While I am getting closer to figure out what my passion is, and what it is I want to do, I also realized it may not earn me any money for the upcoming months. So I thought it would be a good idea to find a part time (also September deadline was approaching fast). I was dreading the idea of going back to the corporate world, working for a company that makes products I don’t care about, I thought I’d be better off working as a waitress, as at least I’d still engage with people, make their days better. As I was dwelling on what to do, a brilliant opportunity came up: a part time communications role at a charity! Basically I have the skills, it’s a part time, and it’s at a charity, so I’ll be working for an organization whose sole purpose is to help others!

Today is my first day, I’m not sure what to expect but it’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about something. Really I think the last time I was this excited about work was my first day of Uni.

I don’t want to disclose the charity just yet, as I’d like to ask them first if they mind me writing about it in the blog, but yeay! So as of now half of my week I will be trying to figure out my passion and how to make it work, writing and blogging, working in bits and bobs; and the other half I’ll be working towards helping others. I could not be more thrilled! Hope it goes well.

Wish me luck!

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