Stand up if you’re human

I know I’ve written about this before, but I just can’t let it go. My heart is aching for all the inhumanity I see around us, and I just can’t put my head around it…

But this might just have been the week when Germany grabbed Europe by the balls (pardon my French) and stood up to make a difference. In an unprecedented move, Germany has said, earlier this week, it would allow all of those who arrived seeking asylum to remain in the country. Germany has also decided to overrule the Dublin Regulation, which said people were only allowed to seek asylum in the first EU country they landed on. This means countries could deport the refugees back to Greece or Italy, or whichever country they came into Europe first. But that ‘clearly wasn’t working’ said Angela Merkel.

This doesn’t just mean ‘allowing them to stay’. Germans are actually welcoming people, thousands have volunteered to foster refugees, thousands of donations are being made every day (food, clothes, toys), in fact so much that authorities had to ask them to stop donating. There’s been an overall wave of humanity, even the football fans have been showing their support with ‘welcome refugees’ banners (picture above, source: Twitter). And then there’s the lovely video of people welcoming the refugees with applause and flowers in a German Town.

It’s not all roses though, as it would be expected there have been some accounts of violence and racism, towards the refugees, but the human kindness Germans are showing the World has by far out staged the few episodes led by random idiots.

They’ve started a campaign #standupifyourehuman and they have pleaded Europe to review the situation, stand up and help our fellow humans. Hopefully, after the 14th September’s summit, Europe will come together and manage to see how they’ve been turning the other face to a humanitarian crisis for far too long. Hopefully more countries will step up.

These war refugees have been treated shamefully by Europe until now, with a few exceptions; there’s been continued attacks on these people, who had no choice but to leave their home. Now they have no home, no place, no identity. Their image has been distorted, they’ve been called ‘migrants’ (and worst) as if they had a choice to leave their countries.

I read an article the other day that made me sick (that’s why I usually avoid newspapers); it was about the amount of refugees arriving in Kos, Greece, and how it was upsetting the holidaymakers there, because it was ‘just disgusting’. ‘Oh pardon me if I came to ruin the magical views because I am leaving a country where they’re bombing everything, they’ve raped my wife/ daughters and I’ve even lost a son trying to make it to Europe. So sorry to ruin your happy hour…’ Who are these people? You’re the disgusting ones…

Think about it really, how selfish can we be? What if it was here? What if it were your children? What if it was your family who had no food? We would need for someone to take our hand and help us too…

And make no mistake, they would want nothing more but to be able to live in peace in their own country, but their country isn’t even recognizable anymore. If you’re still in denial about that and think these people are coming here to steal your jobs, benefits, or whatever I urge you to listen to their stories, here. This are the kind of monsters they’re trying to escape from:

I know it can be scary, and difficult to think how exactly we’ll be able to help and foster all these people, especially when we as countries have our own problems already. But are our problems really that big when compared to what these people have been through?

My hope is that Germany may just have turned the page on this humanitarian crisis, this week. We already start seeing more people standing up, there’s a lot of people willing to help in the UK and all over Europe, and politicians seem to be waking up. But there needs to be an extra combined effort from all of Europe and from us. Take a stand, be a human.

How can I help?

The Independent published five practical ways you can help with the refugee crisis, naming institutions, fundraising, donations, collections, and petitions you can sign. You can find it all in here.

How many more children must drown before we open our eyes? Stand up, be a Human! #standupifyouarehuman

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