Homemade: prawn and avocado salad & passion fruit cheesecake

Hello there, are you ready to talk food? I know I’m always ready to eat it…
This week I’ll share the last two remaining recipes of our first dinner party (full list here).

Prawn and Avocado Salad
This salad is super easy to make and t’s absolutely delicious. You just have to make sure no one’s allergic to prawns (or any of the other ingredients in that respect). If they are, just present other options prawn-free (that’s what I did).

Ok, here’s what you’ll need:
– Prawns
– Fresh mint
– 1 Small onion
– 1 Garlic clove
– Avocado
– Cherry Tomato
– White wine
– Lemon
– Ginger
– Soya sauce (I use a lighter one with less salt)
– Olive oil
– Seasoning salt (and pepper if you like it)

Here’s how to make it:

Heat the olive oil in a large frying pan. Add the onion, garlic, a small bit of grated ginger, a few bits of soya sauce and let it cook for a few minutes without letting it burn. Add the wine, a few fresh mint leaves and the prawns and let it cook for a little while. Set aside.

Peel the avocado and chop it into small squares. Place it in a large bowl (the one you intend to serve your salad on). Chop the cherry tomatoes in halves and add it to the bowl.

Using a strainer separate the prawns, fresh mint leaves, onions and garlic from the sauce. Pick the prawns from the onions and garlic and add it to the avocado and cherry tomato mixture. Season with some salt (and pepper).

Finally add some lemon and chopped fresh mint leaves to the sauce and pour it over the salad. Mix it well, and it’s ready to serve.

Passion fruit cheesecake
This is actually one of my favourite deserts, and I am not even a cheesecake fan. It’s not very swet so it’s the perfect desert to follow a heavy dinner. It’s quite easy to make, although I do struggle to find the passion fruit pulp with seeds in the UK though.

The first time I tried this it was a friend of mine who made it for desert. I am not sure where she got the recipe from, I think it was in the box of something (it’s not my recipe, and I am not taking credit for it, only sharing the love).

You’ll need:
– 200gr Biscuits (in Portugal we use ‘Maria’, the best biscuits if you ask me; I guess in England you can use those ‘digestive biscuits?’)
– 100gr Butter
– 200g Philadelphia cream cheese (1 pack)
– 200gr Whipping cream
– 200gr Passion fruit pulp (with seeds – I buy it online at Sanza)
– 6 Gelatine leaves
– 1 Condensed milk can
– 75gr Sugar
– 1 Tablespoon of flour
*You can opt to use lighter ingredients (biscuits, cream, cheese) so it’s slightly healthier.

How to make it:

Fill a large bowl or a squared recipient (I use a Tupperware) and fill it with cold water. Place three gelatine leaves in the water and set it aside.

Shred the biscuits until it’s almost dusty. Place the butter in a large frying pan and let it melt, without burning. Add the biscuit ‘dust’ and mix it all together. Place the biscuit mixture in the bottom of a cheesecake tin and set it aside.

Pour half the passion fruit into a sauce pan and heat it up, without letting it boil. Remove the gelatine leaves from the recipient and squeeze all the water out. Add the three leaves and half a can of condensed milk to the sauce pan. Stir it until you get a consistent cream and set aside.

Place the other three gelatine leaves in cold water and set it aside.

Beat the whipping cream until medium peaks form. Add the Philadelphia cream cheese and beat it a bit more (beat it a bit, couldn’t resist). Add the passion fruit and condensed milk mixture and mix it all until uniform.

Pour the mixture over the biscuit base on the cheesecake tin. Place it in the fridge.

In a small sauce pan heat up the reaming pulp, the sugar and the flour. Once it’s warm add the gelatine leaves (making sure you squeeze out the remaining water first). Stir until it looks even and leave it to cool. Once it’s cold, top your cheesecake with this mixture and put it in the fridge for a couple more hours.

Remove the tin and it is ready! Enjoy!

Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture with my camera, so it doesn’t look like it’s great, but trust me it tastes amazing!
IMG_20150814_170000 IMG_20150814_170017

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