London restaurants: Nepalese in Fulham and Sunday Roast in Chelsea

I am not sure I’ve mentioned this before, but we are proud dwellers of SW London, more precisely the Fulham area. One of the great things about this area, is all the nice restaurants we have at walking or short bus/tube ride distance. As we walk the Fulham Road quite often, either to go to Bishop’s park, getting groceries, go to a pub, and so on, we soon discovered several amazing restaurants.

Last Friday we were feeling lazy so decided to have dinner at one of our personal favourites: Monty’s. Monty’s is a small and modest Nepalese cuisine restaurant located on the Fulham Road, 692 Fulham Road to be precise.

Montys: Picture shamelessly stolen from their website
Monty’s: Picture shamelessly stolen from their website


I can’t remember the first time we tried Monty’s, but I know we immediately fell in love with it: it’s small and cosy, the staff is absolutely lovely, the food is divine and it’s not very expensive. And for the past 3 years it has been our first meal of the year – that’s right, being one of the few restaurants opened on the 1st January, and providing great ‘hangover food’, it has become our obvious-go-to-option. So far it’s brought us luck and happiness, so I guess we’ll keep the tradition.

Either way, last Friday there we went again. The food is all delicious, I am sure, but some things are cooked with chillies so I can’t really have it all. Our personal favourites are: the cheese Nan bread, the Tandoori chicken, the king prawn Korma and the peas pilou rice (I swear I could eat tons of just this rice with the Korma sauce). But every time I see someone at the next table eating something I want it as well. Everything looks and smells amazing. And the staff is so so lovely that you just want to come back every day! Five stars for me, I absolutely recommend it.

DSC_2380 DSC_2381 DSC_2382 DSC_2383 DSC_2386 DSC_2385
You would think that after our carb indulgence on Friday we’d opt for a healthy weekend, but nah! Meh, who wants salad on weekends anyway? Saturday was another carb disaster, with cake, cheese, Pad Thai and alcohol as the leading elements; but I won’t get into that today. Instead I’ll talk about our lovely Sunday.

As we have a Portuguese guest staying with us we decided to take her out for a very traditional Sunday Roast. I mean if you come to London to learn English you need to learn about the food as well right? Full package.

Orange2We headed off to one of our favourite Sunday Roast places: The Orange pub in Pimlico road. It’s a slightly posh, but oh-so-lovely place, which happens to serve one of the best Sunday roasts I have ever tried.

Unfortunately idiot as I am, I didn’t remember to take a photo. Honestly I could not be a food blogger, simply because I love food too much. By the time I remember to take a picture I already ate the whole thing. I tried to find a picture on their website but couldn’t either – ah so sorry! But honestly I’ve tried other things on the menu and so far nothing has disappointed. Quite the opposite, it’s delicious (OMG when they have pie it’s heaven)!

For the dining room you’ll need to book quite ahead, but the ground floor area is ‘walk in service’, however it does tend to get crowded on Sundays.

After the delicious Sunday roast that I have no pictures of, we went for an ice cream at Amorino on King’s road and then off to a calorie burning stroll in the area.

Coming from Amorino we reached the Duke of York square, visited the Saatchi galleries (although there was a private exhibition that day), and then Sloane Square. We followed Chelsea bridge road, crossed the beautiful bridge and crossed Battersea Park, following along the river till we reached the breath-taking Albert Bridge. We continued our exploration through Oakley St., a lovely street with some lovely houses and painted doors, and then back to King’s road heading home.

It’s a lovely neighbourhood to get lost in, especially if you avoid King’s road which can get quite busy, especially on weekends.

Here’s the most exciting though: as I was talking about my weekend at work, I learned from a colleague that Oakley St and surroundings always have the best Halloween decorations. I am mental about Halloween so I’ll definitely be visiting the area at the end of October. I promise not to forget my camera…

DSC_2395 DSC_2392

DSC_2397 DSC_2393 DSC_2401

Chelsea Bridge
Taken from Chelsea’s Bridge overlooking Albert’s Bridge

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