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We are going to Ibiza

‘Whoah! Back to the island’…

That’s right baby, I am off to Ibiza for four days of the most amazing Bachelor party ever (high expectations much?).

For those of you who don’t know, in the UK bachelor parties are either called Stag dos (men) or Hen dos (gals), where there’s the groom and his stags and the bride and her hens, respectably. Me however, I am going on a Hag do because my friend is gay, so there’s loads of gals and guys, mix and match, therefore someone came up with the idea of Hag do. I asked my friend if he was Ok with it and he loved it. Said we’re his ‘hags’, which is quite funny.

*just FYI I actually googled it and a Hag do is when the groom and bride have their parties together; boring! Our concept is more fun either way…

Anyways we are off for four days of fun and sun, hopefully ‘cause I can’t take this gloomy weather no more. I don’t think I am allowed check-ins, ‘what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza’ kind of thing, but I’ll try to sneak a few pictures of the sunset, the beach and the overall panorama without framing anyone in specific, so keep a look out on Instagram (here on the right side).

The only time I have actually been to Ibiza was for our senior year trip in Uni and that was super fun, unfortunately we went low season and there weren’t that many parties going on but we had super fun. I am quite excited to go back as I think it will be LEGEN-DARY!

I realize how futile this post is compared to most of the things I write, but who cares? We are going to Ibiza!

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