The most romantic restaurant in London

I always feel like it’s presumptuous to call anything ‘the most something’, only because unless we’ve tried everything else how can we tell which one is the most anything?

Despite of that we always end up googling things like ‘the most trendy clubs in London’, ‘the better price/quality meals in east London’, ‘the best burger in town’, ‘the best brunch’, ‘the most romantic place’… One year for valentine’s, can’t remember which year, I googled this last one: ‘the most romantic restaurant in London’, and as usual Google didn’t disappoint and a few lists came up. One name seemed to be predominant though, ‘Clos Maggiore’.

We are not big valentine’s celebrators, but I thought ‘why not?’ and gave them a call. Unfortunately on that occasion it was closed. However the named stayed at the back of my mind as I was curious to see this ‘most romantic’ place.

This year, for my husband’s birthday we decided to give it a go. I booked it and inform them of my black pepper allergy. As we got to the restaurant, the staff was extremely friendly and lovely. We were taken to a small table in this small room in the back which is absolutely gorgeous. I could immediately understand why everyone thought it was so romantic. The room is small but the mirrors around give an illusion of space, however the fireplace, and furniture give it a cosy feel at the same time. And the ceiling! The ceiling is covered in beautiful flowers, and there’s plants all around the walls, you kind of feel like you are in the midst of a secret garden. That’s exactly it: your own secret garden. Obviously there’s other people there but the room is quite small and allows enough privacy for everyone. I guess that’s why it feels so romantic.

Still, we should never judge a book by its cover, and while the cover looked 5 stars I was curious to see what else they had to offer. First and foremost I have to say, this was one of the few places where my allergy was taken in all seriousness, without ever making me feel awkward about it. The staff was absolutely lovely and extremely professional about it. As soon as they gave us the menu they informed me of all the dishes the chef was prepared to make without black pepper and the ones that unfortunately could not be changed (when it has sauces it’s often the case).

As starters my husband picked a soup (I think pumpkin with pine nuts) and I picked the scallops, which were absolutely divine. And when I say divine, what I really mean is orgasmic! The Crispy Pig’s Trotters the scallops sit on were also deliciously exquisite. As mains I opted for the codfish and he opted for the duck, which I must say looked heavenly, however it was one of the forbidden ones (the forbidden fruit…). Both dishes were delicious, together with a small bottle of wine it was a spectacular meal.

PICT_20150211_134741PICT_20150211_134748 PICT_20150211_140127PICT_20150211_140157

Now I can’t recall whether we had desert, I am tempted to say we haven’t because we had just returned from our honeymoon where we indulged a bit too much on desert buffets, but can’t be really sure.

What I am sure of is that the whole experience was rated 5 starts and it was extremely romantic. Heads-up though, it isn’t cheap, but it’s not shocking expensive either.
If it is the most romantic restaurant in London it’s not for me to say, because I still have loads to try, but from the ones I visited it’s definitely in the top two (the other one being ‘Gola’ on Fulham road, but that’s for another post on another day).

I definitely recommend ‘Clos Maggiore’ if you’re looking to have a superb romantic meal.

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