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A crazy couple of days (weeks, more like it)

It’s been a while since I posted anything (other than food), but hopefully now I am back. To say that my last couple of weeks have been crazy is an understatement. Since the 22nd of September my life went into this spiral of travelling and not-even-stopping-to-catch-my-breath kind of cycle. Don’t believe me? Here’s what my calendar actually looked like for the past 3 weeks:

22nd September – friend arrived for the start of an EPIC ‘Hag do’
23rd September – saying goo-bye to the ultimate party house and the start of the Hag
24th Sep-27th Sep – Ibiza, HAG DO of the year
28th Sep-30th Sep – London (hangover)
1st Oct – 4th Oct – Belgium (emotional ride)
5th Oct – 7th Oct – London (less than 48h)
7th Oct – 8th Oct – Lisbon, dentist appointment (less than 24h)
8th Oct (actually 9th ’cause it was passed mid-night) – London (a few hours)
9th Oct – Barcelona (less than 12h)
10th Oct-11th Oct – Perpignan, wedding of the year
12th Oct – back to work, AKA, knock-out

Yep, see I was right. Basically in three weeks I went to four different countries, one of which I visited twice… so basically 5 trips, 6 planes, 3 trains, 2 buses, several taxis and Uber… jeez, I could create an infographics on this stats!

It’s been an awesome non-stopping party, an emotional and insane ride, but it was just amazing. And now that it stopped I got the blues for pretty much everything. I won’t go into too much detail on everything, but here’s a few words, and a few snaps, of my crazy, mental, amazing, thrilling 3 weeks.


I can’t share much about this, ‘cause you know, ‘what happens in Ibiza, can’t really go on the blog’, but I will say this: it was absolutely incredible. Most of all I was astonished that a group of 15 people, where some new each other, some kind of knew each other and some had no idea of each other, came together as if they’d all known each other for ages. The human being never seizes to amaze me, our ability to come together as a group and the fact was that the whole vibe and environment was just unbelievable is out of this world. No one got in each other’s way, even when some wanted party and others wanted steak; everyone took care of one another, even if some of us didn’t wake up to open the gate to others; everyone was there for one purpose: to make sure our Stag had the best time ever. And he did. And so did everyone else.

I can only add that I’ve got massive Ibiza blues now, and I wish we could get together and go every year and do the whole thing again… including Alessandra, Rafa and Phillipe (our island friends).

Ibiza (1)Ibiza (2)
Ibiza (3)Ibiza (8)Ibiza (5)SONY DSC
*credit to my friends who actually took the pictures


After a few days in London recovering from Ibiza (barely) I went on a completely different kind of trip – a very emotional one. I wrote about my granddad and the sweet memorial we held for him, with a book launch and everything, so really, most of it has been said. If you are curious here’s the intro video. But the few days we were there were also spent in family, listening to grandma’s stories and looking at old albums, playing domino’s and going for ice cream, having fun with my aunt and petting the dog, checking out my cousins’ new crib, the children and the new babies, and a massive pumpkin that one of my cousins grew in the garden (really it weighted 15kg!! unfortunately I don’t have a picture, I know, worst blogger ever!).

Oostende (3) Oostende (9)

Oostende (2)

The Dentist Appointment in Lisbon

Yep, that’s right, I flew to Lisbon for a day to go to the Dentist. After recently receiving a quote of £2000 for treatment that I desperately needed, I emailed my dentist back home (the sweetest ever!) begging for help. The flight cost me £86, the treatment 20€ (as I still have private insurance in Portugal). The tooth feels fine now.
There wasn’t much time for much else, but I managed to spend some time with my parents, visit one friend, and meet my sister’s new babies (pictured below). OHH! So cute!

Lisboa (3)

My flight was delayed so here’s a few snaps I took at the airport:

Lisboa (1) Lisboa (2)


I arrived at my place at 4am only to get up at 7am the next day and start getting ready for the long weekend ahead. First stop: Barcelona.
We were in Barcelona for less than 12hours, but it was totally worth it. Our friend Maria welcomed us and took us out for dinner at this amazing place (which I’ll be going into details on Wednesday), and then we slept in her comfy bed only to leave early next morning at 8am. But look at this incredible light at Estació de França. Just unbelievable.

BCN (2) BCN (1)

Wedding of the year

At 11am we arrived at the beautiful Camping Brasilia where some of our friends were already awaiting. We headed to the beach – yes, you heard correctly, the beach, on October 10th – where we just chatted, and some of us (the brave ones) even went for a swim (in case you didn’t get it I was one of the brave ones). As the girls need more time to get ready for a wedding – specially a black tie one – we headed for the showers and make-ups and things, and the men went to get food (how very Neanderthal of us).
And then it was time for the best wedding ever! It was beautiful, emotional, intense and magnificent. Everyone put on their best frock and looked amazing. It was also great to party once more with the Ibiza crew, but also with all of our friends (old and new). I have to admit though, the party got a bit too wild as some of it is  a complete blur (for most of us). For me it’s more than a blur, it’s a complete black-out! Gladly some people have a few memories and by putting it together we arrived to the conclusion that it was just the best wedding celebration ever.

Most of all I felt blessed for being a part of my friend’s special day, and to be able to witness and celebrate their love. (Also I am thankful for all the champagne). D&B I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

wedding (1) wedding (5)

wedding (7) wedding (2)

Now I am back in London, and although I am happy to kind of stop (not really because two friends are visiting and we’re partying today), I also have this emptiness for knowing I won’t be getting together with my family or the whole ‘party crew’ anytime soon… It was crazy, yes, wild, yes, but it was just amazing.

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