Barcelona restaurants: Sensi Bistro

I love Barcelona. It’s one of the most beautiful cities, full of culture, beautiful and exquisite architecture, full of live and passion, and of good, no wait, GREAT food.

I could write forever about all the amazing places I’ve been (to eat) in Barcelona, but most of it was a while ago, and let’s face it, if I am terrible at remembering to take pictures of food now that I write about food, you can imagine how it was before.

Fortunately I plan to go back enough times to write all the posts I want to about the lovely restaurants, places and food in Barcelona. For now, let me tell you about this little place where my friend took us for dinner a few weeks ago.

If you keep up with the blog (or Instagram) you’ll know that not too long ago (a week or so) we went to Barcelona, for less than 12h, basically just to sleep, as we had a train to catch early the next day. Fortunately I have amazing friends who know amazing places. My friend Maria made a reservation at this place called Sensi Bistro (details below) in Barrio Gotico.

It’s a Tapas place, and an amazing one too. It’s a very cosy and small place, located in one of the nicest neighbourhoods, so you can go for a wander after dinner. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the food was just heavenly. There’s a lot to choose from but here’s our picks:

• Los chorizitos – tiny sausages/chorizo with bread that were just amazing
• Croquetas de gamba – the famous croquetas but with prawn inside, which was just yummy
• Tomato tartar – this was one of the vegetarian dishes, looked amazing but unfortunately it had black pepper so I didn’t taste it. The hubby said it was great though.
• Calamari – because who doesn’t love a good squid?
• Mini Hamburguesas – tiny beef burgers, made with proper meat, just delicious
• Pulpo – Octopus, you gotta have octopus.

Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of everything, but I took a few, so that’s half way there.
DSC_2501  DSC_2503  DSC_2500


I had a glass of house red, my friend had a glass of house white and my husband had the sangria. All three of us were quite pleased with it.

So if you are ever in Barcelona, and fancy some tapas, I would totally recommend Sensi Bistro. Actually if you are and don’t know where to go, feel free to ask me, I’ll be more than happy to provide a few tips (which I’ll get from my Catalan friends).

Here’s the restaurant details:
DSC_2504 DSC04843

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