Zombie mood… ON

I’ve been feeling kind of bleh, a mix between my brain wanting to do all these things and my body just saying ‘Nah, I’m just laying down’. Kind of like a Zombie, ‘cause it always feels like their body is not really in the mood to move but somehow it does anyway, but it’s still refusing to listen to your brain’s directions… you know the feeling?

In a way it’s good, as it comes handy for Halloween (it’s just a week away after all), but I kind of had plans to do all these mega productive things – you know, get back on the blog with loads of ideas for new posts, keep searching for whatever it is I want to be doing, starting this video project I’ve been meaning to do for ages, look at new courses… – but my body just ignores every attempt I make and shuts me down. (To be fair that and Microsoft, as yesterday was my first ‘let’s do this’ day and Windows 10 decided it wasn’t.)

I think it’s normal, given the month I had and how I didn’t really had time to rest… it’s as if I am stuck in this gigantic hangover that won’t go away. Worst thing is, when you need to be creative and write some stuff, you kind of need the ‘whole of you’ to cooperate, otherwise, you won’t come up with anything good… like this post.

Why write it then? Well because as bubbly and positive as I am I think it’s important to know that not all days are amazing, not all days are brilliantly productive, and you don’t get to do everything you planned or wanted all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I always look for the silver linings, and in this case let’s face it, it’s not like being a zombie is the worst thing ever. Sometimes it’s great, and more than oft it’s your body’s way to tell you ‘you need to calm down now’. As my hubby put it ‘it’s always hard to get back to your daily pace and pick it up where you left, after having so many ‘unstructured’ weeks’. It’s true, but I know in time things start falling back into place and boooom my energy comes back.

I swear I am not trying to depress anybody, not am I depressed (just lazy), but I think it would be a bit hypocrite to write tones of motivational posts and never tell you about ‘downtime’. However I can’t stress enough, that regardless of my energy levels being a bit low and in need of fuel (AKA ice cream and watch movies and back to back shows all weekend), I always feel happy and blessed. Like right now, even with my brain being so annoying and telling me about the 101 things on my to do list that I should have done last month, I am happy about hundreds of other things in my life. And most of all at this moment, I am grateful that I actually can afford to take some time, stop, sit back and relax. I am fully aware that not everyone gets that ‘luxury’, and I am grateful for it.

So, if that’s OK with you, I am just going to happily crawl into my Sofa and catch up on Downton Abbey’s latest dramas, or maybe re-watch Back to the Future I II and III, ‘cause it’s the perfect week for it. Speak again when my energy levels are fully restored!

Meanwhile if you still don’t know what I mean about Zombie mood, this Buzzfeed article is quite accurate. Have a lovely weekend!


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