London restaurants: Luna Nuova

In the spirit of Halloween I was going to write a pumpkin-powered post, however I got side tracked and we’re talking Italian heaven instead.

At the lack of will to cook this weekend (for our friends who were visiting) we decided to look up a Restaurant nearby instead. We mentioned this Italian place we’ve been meaning to go for a while now, and after Trip Advisoring it (they like Trip Advisoring) our friends agreed, as it was on the top 1% of best restaurants in London (or something like that). We booked a table. All I’ll say (to start with) is ‘thank the universe we went there’! Yes, it was that good!

We arrived on time to Luna Nuova on Fulham Road. We were greeted at the door by the lovely staff and happily informed that our table was ready. On to the menus! We were starving so we ordered the ‘Frito Misto’ (a mic of tempura calamari, shrimp and veggies) and the Mushrooms plus a bottle of red wine.

After ordering our starters we felt confident to start looking at the mains, and Oh My! So much (good) choice! I was torn between the Pumpkin Risotto and the Tagliatelle Nero; I ended up going with the Tagliatelle, after being reassured by our waitress that no chillies would be added (due to my allergies). The others chose Pumpkin Risotto (which I tried, and my oh my), Seafood Risotto, and can’t remember the name of the last one (but it looked amazing), here take a look (yes I remembered to take pictures before!):

PICT_20151024_210424 PICT_20151024_210435 PICT_20151024_210452 PICT_20151024_210505

Right?? Not only did it all look amazing, it tasted deliciously as well! We moved on to desserts, and had the tiramisu and the pannacotta, both really delicious.

PICT_20151024_215557 PICT_20151024_215610
PICT_20151024_215625 PICT_20151024_215542

To top it all up, the ‘ambiance’, the staff, and the place – everything matched the food, which is ‘5 stars’ in case you’re wondering.

I will definitely come back, but word of advice, if you do book try and ask for a table in the back room, as it’s cosier, or in the summer,  in their fabulous terrace, which I assume will be open as well (how could it not, it’s gorgeous!).

This is their website but it doesn’t seem to have been updated in a very long time as all the links give you an error message. It’s OK, they’re focusing on good service, awesome place and brilliant food, so we can totally forgive them for it!

If you do visit, hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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