London restaurants: El Gaucho

When we first moved to London I used to ask my colleagues for tips and advice on where to go. Once I asked where I could get a really good steak and the answer was unanimous: Gaucho. Gaucho is a famous restaurant chain, there’s several in London and a few international, that delivers the very best of Argentinian food, mostly beef. Or so they say. I wouldn’t know because I have never been there.

See, clumsy as I am sometimes I forget to take notes when people give me precious tips – that’s why it’s always better to ask via email, whatsaap, messenger, etc, so that you have it in written. I did remember it was something that sounded Spanish, something with a G, something… mmm El Gaucho (because everything sounds much more Spanish if you add the El)! So that night, I googled El Gaucho and found out there was one close to us, in South Kensington; also it seemed more affordable than what I had been told (still ain’t cheap). So I booked a table. And it was one of the best meals we ever had, even if it was the ‘wrong Gaucho’. Since then we fell in love with this place and often go back. Our favourites? ‘Bife Angosto a caballo’ (prime Argentine Sirloin steak topped with two fried eggs) and ‘Bife Angosto completo’ (Argentine Sirloin steak topped w/ two fried eggs, crispy bacon and grilled tomato served w/ chips). Medium rare of course, the way the Universe meant us to have it. Honestly if you like beef, it’s a must!

We knew there was another ‘El Gaucho’ in Chelsea’s Farmers Market, so last Friday we decided to go for a wander at Albert Bridge (because it’s just so pretty!!) and then go and try it out. I have to be honest – it doesn’t have as many steak choices as the one in South Kensington, and it was empty at night… but we still loved it! It was like being a VIP and have the whole restaurant, and most importantly, the amazing chef just to ourselves.

Not sure if it was because of that, but I could swear this was the most tender, juiciest, most succulent, amazing beef I have ever had! It was just Heavenly!

Here’s what we had:
• Baby BIFE ANGOSTO – 8oz grilled prime Argentine Sirloin steak served with chips (which were also amazing)
• BIFE ANGOSTO A CABALLO – 14oz grilled prime Argentine Sirloin steak topped with two fried eggs
• Espinacas (steamed spinach) as a side, to top up the chips.
We also had a small bottle of red wine, which was delicious.
DSC04901 DSC04906 DSC04904 DSC04905DSC04902


I would absolutely recommend both: the South Kensington, slightly noisier, but definitely loads of choices and the place is quite cosy and cute; the Chelsea’s Farmers Market one for a more romantic, intimate dinner – you can even pretend you booked the whole room just for her/him! You will find more details in their website, here.

Mmm, I could go back right now… Yummy!

Oh and here’s a shot of Albert’s Bridge, just because it’s sooo pretty!!


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