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It’s Christmas time

I love Christmas. I’ve always loved it. And I don’t even think it’s the presents. I mean obviously as a kid you go hysterical about the presents (and Santa) – who wouldn’t? – and nowadays I still like a fun present exchange, but what I love the most is spending time with family and friends, it’s the food, it’s the fairy lights everywhere, the Christmas decorations and the songs, and since I moved to London, the Christmas markets, the ice skating rings, the mulled wine, the crackers and the silly Christmas jumpers. It’s everything. It really is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. (I am sure the fact that I am a Christmas baby doesn’t make this bias at all *cheeky smile*).

I do have to confess, I am not such a big fan of the crazy Christmas shopping, of the ‘having to buy’ presents, of Christmas being pushed on us since October (what’s wrong with you people?!) and the whole commercial shenanigan around it. But somehow marketing hasn’t managed to steal or damage my Christmas happiness away yet.

But putting the tree up, having friends over for Christmas dinner, going to see the decorations on the streets, the office Christmas party (yeah baby!), Christmas jumper day, going home for Christmas and all the food… Ah, all of that makes this time of the year so amazing!

Our Christmas tree

This year I had a Christmas little helper to decorate the tree and the house – one of my friends were staying over, and we had so much fun doing this we’re thinking about making it an official Christmas tradition.

Our tree is fake – the shock, the horror – but only because I feel guilty about killing trees unnecessarily, sure ours is plastic but I am planning on keeping it for a long time. Either way, we usually decorate it with cheap decorations that we already have from previous years, but every year I buy a special decoration. My plan is to one day have a Christmas tree with special decorations only, all different from each other. So far I only have three special ones (three years in London) plus the birds that I could not resist buying last year. Here’s a few pictures:

Our Christmas dinner

Every year we host a dinner before Christmas for our friends. Usually it’s always quite early in December as most of us fly back home for Christmas, and this year we decided to do it whilst our friend was here, because she used to live in London and is part of the ‘gang’. The Friday before dinner I spent the whole day in the kitchen (yep whole day), but it was totally worth it. Saturday we put the decorations up and made ‘goat’s cheese and honey puff pastries’ and decorated the pumpkin cupcakes. The menu was delicious (oh so humble): ‘ovos com farinheira’ (eggs with a special Portuguese sausage); the goat’s cheese & honey puffs; octopus salad; duck rice; meatloaf with spinach and bacon filling, chestnuts, cupcakes, pomegranate, a delicious brownie and pear tart that one of my friends brought, and so many other things everyone else brought. There was also mulled wine (my first attempt) and Christmas crackers. We had an absolutely fab time. Here’s some snaps:

Sadly I don’t have many good pictures of the Christmas decorations in London this year. Three cameras and I never seem to remember to take one with me… anyways, here’s a few from my phone (not the best) but you’ll still get the picture (haha couldn’t help the pun)

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