Surrey, the countryside just outside London

A weekend at Wotton House (more like ‘a weekend at The Wotton Hatch’ Pub)

A couple of weeks ago the hubby and I went to the English Countryside. Well to be honest I am not sure it is the countryside, it was only Surrey which is like 40min away from London, but either it was green, and there were hills and forests, so let’s go with countryside.

We were invited to a friend’s wedding reception in Dorking and decided we should make a whole weekend out of it. As it was November (the month when we got married) I thought it would be a nice anniversary present as well. I booked the hotel, and off we went.

Where we stayed
When we were looking for a place to stay there were several (very appealing) options, but we ended up going with Wotton House. Mostly because they had an indoor pool and spa, and it’s England, the chances of rain are huge, so it’s always good to have an ‘indoors plan’.

It was just magnificent! Wotton House is absolutely beautiful; the house is stunning, the gardens are amazing and the people were very nice and friendly. We felt like we were in an epoch movie or part of the Downtown Abbey family, without having to wear the weird and uncomfortable clothes though.

There’s loads of things to do around the area, but we were being chilled (lazy) and went for walks around the house only. The gardens really are fabulous. We also enjoyed the indoor swimming pool and the Jacuzzi; not because it was raining, it was more like: ‘why wouldn’t we?’ It’s great especially after 11 am (no kids allowed), and if you’re lucky like we were and no one’s there, it’s like having your own private spa.

I absolutely recommend it! If you are planning to stay for a weekend like we did though, the chances are there will be weddings. I am pretty sure for the time we were there we saw at least three different brides. It’s easy to understand, their ceremony hall is breath-taking! We didn’t hear much noise, nor were we disturbed by any means (but then again we weren’t there for most of Saturday night). If however you like it quieter I advise you book your stay during the week.

Oh and take your wellies if you’re going in winter – there’s mud.
The house is a bit far from the station, if you’re not driving there you’ll need to get a cab.

The food
We only went to two places: the hotel restaurant (first night) and the pub just outside the entrance – The Wotton Hatch (throughout the rest of our stay).

The food at the hotel was actually very pleasant; the restaurant however is not that cosy, as they have to cover up all the breakfast buffet area, it’s not that welcoming. I recon in the summer it must be much nicer, as you can probably seat outside, overlooking the gardens. Either way the food was very good, very tasty.

If you’d prefer a little snack the bar is a much nicer area, very cosy and welcoming. Plus with the Christmas tree, it was just lovely. The snacks are also very delicious.

The most awesome pub ever
But the real finding was definitely the pub – The Wotton Hatch! It’s ‘over-the-top-delicious’, ‘5 star plus’, ‘take-me-to-heaven’ sort of food.
The place is absolutely lovely, the staff is amazing and the food is phenomenal! And, the cherry on top: it’s not that expensive (comparing to London pubs that are actually good).

We walked up there for lunch and even without booking a table they manage to find us a corner – bear in mind the place got packed soon after we arrived. Oh the menu, where to start? It’s just delicious. I could actually eat it all (except for the lamb). I actually want to get on a train, a cab and go there to try everything else!

Either way we had the amazing Tiger prawns as a starter (a must try) and I ate the seabass which was delicious. The Eton Mess was to die for.
We were already planning on going there the next day when with our bill our waitress hands in a discount of 25% on our next meal there! Next day we were there at lunch time, obviously! The Sunday roast and the beef &al pie were so divine I think I had one of those moments when your soul is uplifted somewhere else, like say, heaven! I may have shed a tear of pure happiness…

Oh, and remember how I was so unhappy with Sushi Samba because they wouldn’t accommodate my allergies? Well here’s this pub, in the countryside, not nearly half as renowned as SS and they were like ‘oh I can’t do this, but we can do this, or this, what would you prefer?’ and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh you are the sweetest!’. They gave me options! They are utterly amazing and if you live nearby, it’s a must! Better book in advance though, just in case.

Honestly after writing this post I am seriously considering taking a train right now…

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