New Year’s Resolutions

‘One resolution I have made, and try always to keep is this: to rise above the little things’ – John Burroughs

I know many people dislike New Year’s Resolutions – they think it’s silly, something you promise yourself only to end up disappointed. I guess it depends on how seriously you want to take your resolutions… and on how lightly you take on life.

I for one always try to do a balance of the year: think about the year that passed and about what it is I want to change… or even if I don’t want to change anything. A bit of time with your own thoughts never hurt.

It doesn’t mean that I always stick with my resolutions, but I do try. Last year my biggest resolution was to quit my job and look for whatever it was I wanted to do. And so I did it. I quit in February and left in April and started exploring what it was I wanted to do. Whilst I am still working out on the last bit (not really sure I’ll ever get there) I did manage to find a place where I am really happy. I guess that’s the best bit of 2015 for me: it was a year of big change and self-discovery.

This year I decided not to go for something so dramatic, as I am still working on last year’s resolution to ‘find my purpose’ (lame, I know, but true). Still, here are my resolutions for this year (which I am printing and sticking on the wall!):

#1 – I am keeping the second bit of last year’s resolution: finding whatever it is I want to do, finding my dream, my why. My friends giggled so much at my #1 resolution they made me blush; yes it’s true, this has been on my resolutions list for the last few years (I’ll grant you that gals) but the difference is that last year and the coming one I am really trying and I don’t feel as lost as I once did. So I’ll keep on searching!

#2I want to reduce, if possible eliminate, the amount of gossip I engage in. Don’t get me wrong I am not a massive gossiper. People tell me stuff I usually keep it to myself. And there’s always that harmless gossip, which is always fun in a group of friends, as long as it doesn’t involve dirt mouthing anyone. But overall I do not like gossip, and when I drink and end up speaking more than I should (oh yes it happens) or even when I don’t drink but for some reason I don’t understand my lips seem to move without permission, I always feel so guilty, so uncomfortable and so out of my skin. I do not like it and it does not suit me. So, just like Goldie Hawn (whom I love) told Oprah, I too am ‘creating a safe haven by declaring our home a gossip-free zone’. There.

#3Continue to practice Gratitude: consciously I have only started doing this this year, but I have been practicing it for years, as I have always been quite grateful for what I have. But I want to always be aware and always be thankful for the things I do have.

#4 – which leads to… Living the now: I guess in a way that’s always been my way of living – maybe that’s way I have never really figured out what I want to do, I am too focused on the moment – but I want to really be present, and really appreciate every little second, every little breath, every little thing.

#5 – Considering resolutions #3 and #4 I decided to ‘keep a journal’ where I can add my gratitude and my savouring the moment things! I also want to start a ‘What I know for Sure’ section, just like Oprah (‘cause why not?). (BTW that’s my 2016 diary in the picture).

#6Be even more true to myself than I already am. I guess the resolution here is to find out whether that’s possible haha (cheeky smile)… all jokes aside, I am quite genuine but I am also a people pleaser, so part of this resolution is to own my ground better, learn to say no.

#7Get fit! I can hear my friends giggling again. Yes it features the list every year, no it hasn’t happened that much, although last year I came really close to look fit for Ibiza, only to get there and gain weight after only two days, and not being able to wear the gorgeous jumpsuit I planned on wearing… so, in 2016 I am so wearing that jumpsuit!

#8 – I’m also adding the ‘I’m eating far less sugar, cakes and chocolate this year and be good’ resolution. I do it every year, and every year I kind of fail – although last year was good, my cholesterol finally dropped (hurray!), but from September to December I kind of train wrecked it … oh well still better than most years. If for 2016 I only start eating like a pig from October on, I’ll consider it a victory.

#9Save money (as in at least some, because last year was a disaster).

#10Be good, do good, be happy, write more.

There 2016, I am ready for you! Bring it on!
Happy New Year everyone!

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