Love is the best thing EVER!

Whenever a New Year starts I go through a few little things: reflect on the year that passed, make New Year’s resolutions, overall review of the year that has passed finances, budgeting for the New Year, hanging up the new calendar and nostalgically putting away old ones, and selecting the best photographs of 2015 to make an album (usually it’s about three albums to be honest).

I realised that I didn’t write a post about my reflections on the year that passed, but here’s what I wrote on my journal on the 31st December:

“Best of 2015:
#1 – Our honeymoon
#2 – Quit my job
#3 – Started the blog
#4 – The courses I took
#5 – Finding who I am
#6 – Joining the Cystic Fibrosis Trust
#7 – We both turned 30
#8 – Daniel’s wedding”

I honestly did have a think about 2015, and both my husband and I spoke about the best bits, which included the above and much more (starting to practice gratitude, my friend’s baby…), and the worst bits as well (my granddad passing away), but it wasn’t until today, when I was sorting out the best pictures of 2015, that I realised something so powerful it nearly knocked me out of my chair.

Remember my resolution number five – starting a journal (…) and add a ‘What I know for sure section’ just like Oprah? I rushed to my journal and wrote the following:

“Love is the most extraordinary thing in our entire Universe… and I am grateful for knowing it”. That I know for sure.

As I was looking through all the billions of pictures taken last year, and start feeling nostalgic (as I always do), I realised how much love is in my life. How much I receive but also how much I give. I am not talking about ‘romantic love’ specifically, no. I am talking all kinds of love: husband, family, friends, pets, nature. I am just so blessed!

I have old friends, who have stuck with me through the years, for whom I feel such a deep, strong, overwhelming love, that I cannot put it into words. But I know this for sure: the love they give to me, by means of long night talks, phone calls, silly messages, parties, dinners, lunches in the sun, laughter… feeds my soul to its depth.

I have recent friends, friends I met when I came to London, my ‘London family’ I like to call them, some of whom are no longer in London, but who have completely swept my heart, and make me feel like a million dollars (well pounds) only for letting me be a part of their lives. The adventures we share together, the parties, the dinners, the long talks, the gossip, the happiness they bring to my life , makes me undoubtedly a better person.

I have a family who’s loved me from day one, and whom I love with all my heart. A sister who is always there for me, who I have loved since she was born, who is my childhood, my imagination and my dreams. Loving parents and grandparents, my cousins, my aunt… and my extended family (my husband’s family) who have taken me in and make me feel wonderful.

My husband, who I still can’t believe I was so lucky to meet. Who pushes me to become my true self, to fight for what I believe in, who makes me a better person, who loves me exactly for who I am. And whom in return I love with all my strength, and am grateful every day for the day we met.

It may seem like I am just bragging, and no, it’s not always paradise city – every strong relationship comes with its arguments, its ups and its downs, but the most important thing it should bring to your life is LOVE. A love so inherent, so deep-seated, that we often don’t even realise it’s there. But it is there, and it’s what pushes us forward, what gives us strength and what makes us better.

And the most important thing I think we can all do is acknowledge that love – that deep meaningful love that is all around us, available for us to grasp and keep safe in our hearts whenever we want to, if we’re opened to it. So take a moment to understand where your love is, and hold on to it as the most precious thing on this planet. Because I know for sure, that love is the best thing.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all who gave me so much love this year, to all the beautiful moments we shared! I love you.




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