The Muffin Man – Kensington High Street

As a good foodie – or in less hipster words, ‘as the little pig that I am’ – I appreciate all meals: breakfast, morning snack (or as the Hobbits call it, second breakfast), lunch, afternoon snack one and afternoon snack two OR afternoon tea, dinner, evening snack…

A few weekends ago I met two friends for afternoon tea, a very British tradition that I have fully embraced. There’s several great places in London to go for afternoon tea: some very posh, some very good, some very expensive, some trendy, etc etc. For me one of the best afternoon teas is served at The Muffin Man in High Street Kensington.

I came across this little place on my first year in London, when looking for a cheaper option for brunch in Hg St ken. It turned out not to be much cheaper but it was delicious. I went back for a small after-lunch snack (afternoon snack one), but it wasn’t till I tried the afternoon tea that I was really smitten. It is absolutely divine.

The whole place looks very English, the decoration reminds me slight of Dolores Umbridge (evil character in Harry Potter) even though I don’t recall seeing pictures of cats. But you’ll know what I mean if you see the place.

The scones are absolutely delicious and that’s what we ordered this time around. Cut in half and slightly toasted, with delicious jam and clotted cream, it is simply perfection. On previous occasions I have also ordered the afternoon tea and it was delicious. It says ‘for two’ but there was three of us, and it was plenty (you can trust me, I am not usually a sharer when it comes to food). Oh and the cakes are delicious too.

I have to be honest though, the staff isn’t always friendly, but they’re not unkind either. They won’t be all smiles or excessively accommodating, but they get the job done.

There’s a ‘cash only’ hiccup though, so make sure you have some cash on you. It’s a small place, so you may have to book a table or risk having to wait a bit for one.

I am not a Brit, obvs, and I don’t think you’ll get the upmost traditional ‘English Afternoon Tea Experience’, but if you are looking for deliciousness rather than concept, this is your place. Enjoy!

Address: The Muffin Man, 12 Wrights Lane, London W8 6TA, England

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