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My Blog’s first award!

Last week I received a notification for a new comment on one of my blog posts, I clicked to read it and it so happens I’ve been nominated by Amora Adventures for a Liebster Award! I think the exact words were:

“It’s clear that you put a lot of work into it [the blog] 🙂 I have nominated you for a Liebster award!!”

Say whaaat? I was so happy I could hardly believe it! Thank you so much Amora for reading my blog and for picking it for this award! I feel so honoured!

So what are the Liebster Awards? (I hear you ask)

I never heard of the Liebsters before so I did a little research and it seems to be kind of like a ‘pay it forward’ from bloggers to bloggers, that allows the blogger community, and readers, to learn about new blogs on the block. It works like a chain mail – which I’m usually not too keen on – but it’s like a nice chain mail, because a) you’re being nice to someone; b) you’re telling other people about their blog; and c) who doesn’t love getting a little praise?

When researching I found this page that I found really useful; as Lorraine (the girl who wrote it) put it:

“It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere. In the digital world of the internet, this seems like a nice gesture, in my opinion!”

I agree! More than that, I am super proud and thrilled and grateful to be nominated!

The acceptance of this award comes with a few rules, which are:

• Thank your nominator – already did, but again THANK YOU SO MUCH Amora!!
• Share the award on your blog – clearly doing it.
• Answer the 10 questions asked to you. – Keep reading!
• Ask ten questions to ten new nominees and notify them – I know we’re meant to nominate new blogs but I thought it would be a great opportunity to mention blogs that inspire me (either new or not). So, if it’s OK, I will simply list ten blogs I really like, and say what I would ask if I’d ever meet them…

But first, here’s the answer to Amora’s Liebster Award questions:

What inspired you to start your blog?
I’ve always loved writing, I’ve kept journals when I was a kid and teenager, and always wrote letters when I couldn’t find the right way to say it… somehow the words seem to flow through my hands better than my lips. But oddly enough I never thought of starting a blog… until last year when I decided to quit my job and give it a go.
I just realise how boring this story is! Not really a story about being ‘inspired’ at all is it?! Come to think about it, I should change it to ‘the unicorns in my dreams told me to do it’; it’s not a great story either but surely that would be a great conversation starter!

What motivates you to keep writing?
My motivation comes from my love of words I guess. And I always find I have something to say about everything (annoying I know…).
I have to say, the lovely comments, messages and feedback people write on my posts also encourage me to keep on writing. I am absolutely thrilled when someone comments how much they loved this or that post or the even the whole blog. It melts my heart!

What type of blogs to do you enjoy reading most?
Motivational/inspirational sort of blogs. I love blogs by people who completely changed their life around, in the pursuit of happiness, a new project or a new dream.
I love inspirational blogs about different ways of leading life, different views about the world and incredible ideas on how to make the world better.

Do you ever let others read your work before you post on your blog?
Never! Sometimes I don’t even like people to read my work whilst I’m in the room! I find it mortifying for some reason! Let along first drafts, which sometimes won’t even end up on the blog! No way! Uh-uh.

Why is blogging important to you?
It helps me get my ideas straight. It helps me organise my thoughts. It makes me happy.

What are your goals for your blog in the future?
Uuu tough question! I don’t even know my goals for my future self! Haha! I guess my plan is to just keep writing whenever inspiration strikes.

Do you reread your posts once you have written them?
Yes. I always tweak it as well. No matter how many times I review something I always manage to find something I wish I said differently.

What is your favourite thing to write about?
I don’t think I have one favourite thing. I love to write about things that have inspired me or that I hope will inspire others…

What do you love most about blogging?
As I said, I love writing, but I guess the difference with blogging is that the words reach people in every corner of the world, and that is amazing. I love to hear from people who think alike, I love the idea that your post can touch someone else’s life, I love that your words can potential inspire other people! It’s amazing!

How do feel about this nomination?
I feel like I walked into Hansel & Gretel’s house (once the witch was dead of course). It’s amazing and I cannot say ‘Thank you’ enough!

Here’s a few blogs I really like and would nominate:

Just some things I think
Music Teacher Lifestyle (I know you’ve been nominated like three times, but I do love your blog!)
Aging gracefully my ass 
The Styland (in Portuguese I’m afraid, but absolutely amazing)
As cavalitas do vento (again in Portuguese I’m afraid, but amazing)
Cotton Tales
Live your legend
Mr money mustache
Gustavo Tanaka (I don’t know if this counts as a blog but I LOVE his posts on medium)
Amywestervelt (again not sure it’s a blog, but OMG it’s so good!)

What I would ask:
1. What book has inspired you the most?
2. What movie has inspired you the most?
3. Who inspires you the most?
4. What’s three things that drive you nuts?
5. What’s three things you couldn’t live without?
6. If you could live anywhere in the world for a whole year, where would you live?
7. How will the future look?
8. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
9. What’s your favourite thing in the whole world?
10. If you only had one day to live how would you spend it?

Et voila! That’s me and my first award saying goodbye for now!

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