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And so, life happens

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” has got to be one the most cited quotes of all times, I think even I have quoted it quite a few times, but the fact remains: it is sooo spot on!

Last year when I quit my job (almost a year now – wow!) I had no idea what I wanted to do; I mean I had ideas, but not a sure plan. I wanted to start a blog, maybe even a vlog, I had tons of ideas for videos I wanted to make, maybe I wanted to become a movie director, maybe I wanted to be a TV presenter, I wanted to do more charitable work, join a befriending program, get fit, workout, cook more… the possibilities were endless and it was magical. But really I wanted to find out what is it that I wanted to do, that I would love to do.

Therefore I started chasing it, all of it: I went on a blogging course and started dreamines.co; I took on a TV presenter course (which helped me define my blog); I bought a camera and did some video experiments; I realised I didn’t want to vlog; I worked out, got fitter, cooked more and went to the park a lot. I was working more now that I didn’t have a job than when I actually had one. But I didn’t get paid, obviously.

For some reason I set myself a deadline – September – to figure out what the ‘plan’ was and start making money. I guess I set it based on a very meticulous calculation (savings +cost of living +future), but looking back now I am not sure I’d give myself such a short deadline again. Oh well, I’m sure my little savings piggy was getting rather skinny (haha). Either way it all turned out great (keep reading).

So, sometime before the beginning of September, I decided to look for jobs; I went on a few interviews and it just wasn’t working out. Sure some companies seemed ‘kind of fun’, but it really was more of that corporate bulls*it that I couldn’t stand. I was almost giving up when I saw an ad for a part-time position at a charity. The role was the same as my previous role (internal comms) which I was slightly reticent to take on again, but it was part-time. And a charity. I mean I could still work on my things, figure out what I wanted to do whilst doing ‘good’. Perfect. Applied.

The morning of the interview I was a bit cranky though and thinking ‘oh why on earth am I doing this? I bet it’s another corporate trap!’. I even remember telling my husband ‘I swear to the unicorns if they ask me ‘where I see myself in 10 years’ or about my ‘strengths and weaknesses’ I’m walking off!’ But it wasn’t like that at all! They were wonderful! They asked me appropriate questions, they told me of ongoing situations and asked me what I would do, they were normal. For the first time in my life (of 29 years) I left an interview feeling it went really well. More than that… I liked it. It was so unusual that I even felt a bit weird!

That same day I got the call – ‘we want you’.

And so my journey at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust begun. And while I was still taking it as ‘a job I do on the side of my writing, blogging, videoing and life purpose pursue’ something wonderful (that I did not see coming) happened: I fell in love with it. All of it. I love the workplace, the people (oh the people), the cause is now engraved on my heart (forever), and –shocker – I LOVE my job. I really do.

I imagine this is what happens to those people who have a childhood best friend and realise after 25 years (or more) that actually they’re soulmates. I was even feeling some sort of resistance, denial, if you will, to it (the love I mean – just like in the movies)… A couple of months ago I was asked to consider the possibility of moving to full-time. At the beginning I was dwelling with it – ‘what about my life purpose pursue?’ – and then it suddenly hit me: what stupid purpose? Hadn’t I realised, and been writing about the ‘purpose being the journey’ and all of that?; that my purpose has long ago been defined as ‘go with the flow?’. This is it! This is the journey! Life is now.

As I wrote in a recent post, I decided to ask myself the question ‘do I feel like doing this now?’ YES! I totally do!

How long for? I don’t know, for as long as it feels right, I guess? What I know for sure is that for the first time I feel like my job matters, like it’s useful, and like I am doing something that has a broader impact on the world. (No offense to any other jobs at all, I mean this is perfect fit for me). So, as of next week, I’ll be a full-time super-hero.

3 thoughts on “And so, life happens”

  1. Bravo! There’s nothing better than doing the things you love. And if you feel like a super hero as well…icing!!!

    My beloved Mother used to tell me how easy it was to “kill two birds with one stone.” Sounds grizzly I know, but does make a point. And if you don’t mind, sounds exactly like what you’re doing right now.

    Highest and Best!

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