Oops we did it again!

Gosh it’s been so long since my last post – nearly a year if you can believe it – I am not even sure how to start. Here it goes…

Little over a year ago I was over the moon to tell you that I had decided to become a full-time super-hero (AKA working for a charity).

At the time it just felt right. And even though I stopped having time to write on the blog and do the other things I love, it was OK because it was just great.

How long for?” – I wrote – “I don’t know, for as long as it feels right, I guess?

Well, today I’d be saying “I don’t know, until the opportunity comes for us to drop everything and go travelling, I guess?”. Yup, that’s right baby, we have decided to take a little break, pack up all our stuff, put it storage (AKA mum and dad’s) and go travelling for a while.

So I quit my job. Again.

I’m not going to lie, this time around it was much easier. Not only the prospect of going travelling makes it impossible for you not to smile when you say it, but my wonderful manager is actually on maternity leave, making it much easier for me to hand in my notice. I mean, at least it prevented me from sobbing like a baby this time around (remember that? #awkward!). Either that or I’m becoming really good at this quitting thing…

It’s been a crazy year: lots of ups and downs (no job is without its hiccups after all); I hate the word, but ‘career’ wise, it’s been my best yet; I’ve worked with some incredible people; I learned what it’s like to actually care about what you work for; and I made some incredible friends along the way. But it’s time to move on, and adventure calls.

One month from today, to be precise.

Yup. One month from today we’ll be leaving this gorgeous city (oh London, will you forgive me?) and start yet another adventure. It seems like only yesterday I was on a plane crying my eyes out, leaving my friends and family behind to move to one of the most incredible cities in the world. Five years later here we are, in love with this great city (did that not come across yet?) and the amazing friends we made here, and probably crying our eyes out once again, pretty soon. How am I ever going to say goodbye?…

Oh well, I guess the fact we’re going travelling will help (laters!).

So what’s the plan?

We’re going to our home country, Portugal, for a few months. We need to stock up on our vitamin D after all these years in England, you see? We’re also spending some much needed time with family and friends, without having to rush everything and try to fit friends, family, pets, food, and doctor’s appointments into just one day. And then we’re off…
To SOUTH EAST ASIA baby!!!! Whoop whoop! Don’t know specifics yet, don’t know what I’ll be doing yet, but defo plan to do a travel journal and bring you some great tips and advice on the blog.

Hope you’ll join us on this great adventure! Can’t wait!

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