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Stop 1 – Cascais, Portugal

It’s now been a month (a month!!!) since we left London (oh London!).

Before we take-off on our adventure through Southeast Asia, we decided to take a little break in Portugal, where we grew up, and spend some time with our family and friends.
As we’ll be here for a little while, we thought it would be better to rent a place so that we could have some space of our own.

However, finding a short-term place to rent in Lisbon turned out to be way more difficult than we expected (well, at least way more expensive…). As the idea was not to spend too much money (saving for Asia baby!!), we had to readjust the plan. Instead of renting for the whole summer, we started looking on Airbnb for a place just for our first month here. It didn’t come easy, as Lisbon is heaving with tourists and therefore very expensive at the moment. Just as we were about to give up, a week before our moving date, we found the perfect flat.

It was cute, affordable, had excellent reviews, and close to the beach. And just like that we found our first stop: the lovely town of Cascais.

Say what, where?

Cascais is a little town located in Greater Lisbon, Portugal. Here, maybe the map will help.


It’s kind of a posh place, as it used to be popular amongst the Portuguese nobility. If you see images of it you will totally see why. I mean, let’s face it, said nobility wasn’t stupid.

Cascais is BEAUTIFUL! It’s just by the sea, there’s lovely beaches, impressive views, the boats and the Marina, great food (the restaurants but also there’s a market with fresh everything and there’s ice cream!!), beautiful 19th century villas, the weather is amazing,… the list goes on.

Here’s a few snaps of the town. (No pictures of the market because let’s face it, when I see food I just want to eat it and forget to take pictures. True story).

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Flat number One

The flat was really nice: good size, great living room, very comfy, well decorated, without too much stuff (why do people always leave too much stuff on rental places? Why why?) and, the cherry on top, we had both mountain and sea view (a tiny bit I swear)!

It wasn’t located in the ‘posh’ area, say like, in old town/ city centre, but it was only a 20min walk away. Well, I say 20min… It’s more like, 15min going downhill, and 30min going uphill, particularly when we were coming home from the beach and feeling a bit drowsy. Still it was great.

Our Airbnb hosts were impeccable too, which just made the whole experience awesome.
Here’s our crib. (Can you get nostalgic about a place you’ve lived in for a month!? I think I might be tearing up…)

What were we up to?

Well, I ain’t gonna lie, I think all this beauty (and the food) may have distract me a little (insert blushing emoji). I had planned on writing, which I did, but only a tiny little bit. I kind of went to the beach and went for meals with friends more. Oops.
He (husband) was much better at sticking with his working routine (but my tan is looking way better. Silver linings).

Here’s some of the things we we did do:

  • IMG_2918We worked out every morning. Cascais is a great place for that. You can run to the beach, or along the beach on the boardwalk (*sings* under the boardwalk). It’s not like I lost any weight though, I mean, food always seems to find me no matter what… (next bullet point).
  • We went to the market every Wednesday and Saturday. It’s absolutely fantastic as you could get really really fresh fruit and veggies and the taste is just fantastic. I mean, sorry Sainsbury’s, but that’s ‘tasting the difference’. You could also get fish, meat, bread, cakes… mmm mouth watering. Must. Stop. Thinking. Of. Food.
  • We went to the beach at the end of the day, nearly every day, until kind-of-almost-sunset (more like he went and met me at the end of each day, ‘cause I was already at the beach, you feeling me? haha).
  • We took long walks along the beach and talked about our plans for Asia.
    And other bits and bobs I won’t bore you with… (seeing friends, sleeping, and that’s it, really, can’t lie…)


Oh and really important! We saw wildlife! Really good as we expect to have several ‘encounters’ in Asia. Sure it was mostly baby chicks, ducks and a bunny… don’t care. They were running wild, it’s wildlife to me.

What’s next for us?

We’re back in Lisbon for a few days (bye bye ‘beach-every-afternoon’, insert crying emoji), but we’re off to the Algarve for a little family holiday soon. So my tears will be dry pretty soon. Like, Wednesday soon.

Should you visit Cascais?

Yup yup absolutely. Whenever someone asks me for suggestions on where to go/ what to see in Lisbon, if they’re here for a few days, I always suggest taking the train to Cascais and spending at least half a day there (ideally one). It’s lovely to just walk around the town centre and discover all its beauty. Also there’s great food.

Here are a few tips for you (where to stay, what to do, food, etc etc) in case you’d like to visit.

See ya on stop number two (giggles).

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