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Stop 3 – Lisboa, Portugal

Lisboa, oh Lisboa. BTW that should sound something like Leesh-boa. There, you’ve learned a Portuguese word.

I’ve always done my share of tourism in Lisboa, given that my Belgian family would often come to visit and my Opa (grandfather) absolutely loved this city (and loved to walk its every corner, go to every museum, visit all the poets’ and writers’ favourite spots, etc, etc.). But it had been a while since I just touristed around.

This year I had the opportunity to become a tourist in this wonderful city once more. Actually, several times more: I had six friends plus my auntie (who is also my friend) visiting this summer, so I temporarily became a Lisboa tour guide.
Basically I made my friends walk a LOT and eat a LOT. It was torture.

We visited the old neighbourhoods of Lisbon, towers by the river, white sandy beaches, nearby towns by-the-sea, rooftops with breathtaking views, old factories turned hipster villages, old brothels turned bars, castles on the hills and palaces in the mountains. Yes, you can find all of that (and more) in Lisboa.

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I had almost (almost) forgotten how beautiful the city is. And its light, oh man alive, it’s just so unique and indescribable! The blue is a different blue, the light is a different light, I swear I am not tripping (I don’t do drugs). If you are a photographer, and have not been to Lisboa, get yourself on the next plane there. Trust me on this.

I revisited the old neighbourhood of Graça and walked the streets of Mouraria, and I couldn’t come up with a sane reason for why it had been so long since I’d last been there! The streets are so old and so precious, the views over the city are absolutely fantastic, there are tiles for miles (haha could not not do it), and not to mention, it’s a great workout (everything is hilly!). Also, there are amazing places to eat. Need I say more?

I won’t bore you with more details, but basically stop three was ‘falling back in love with Lisboa’ (not that I ever fell out, but sometimes you need a reminder). And in great company too! For four weekends, some of them long weekends, I joined my friends (and my auntie friend) as a tourist in the beautiful city of Lisboa.

If you’re planning a trip, here are a few tips including the top things you should see in Lisboa, where to stay and most importantly where and what to eat. As ever, if you want any further advice, get in touch! Leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you!

Here are a few snaps of these wonderful days.

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