What the heck are they doing?

I’ve realised now that things have sort of slowed down that I never really gave you an update on what the heck we’re doing out here.

I know that I used the words travel and travelling a lot, and I feel like I never really explained what that means to us at this point.

Our plan was never to really go backpacking through Southeast Asia. We are not the backpacking type. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it, and I wish, I wish we were proper backpackers, but we’re not. Trust me, in my head, I was always this adventurer who would travel around the world with a small backpack and maybe not even a toothbrush! I was Ines Grylls! But reality is, I am not. Neither is he. We tried backpacking through Europe once. Didn’t really work. I mean it was fun, but we were like ‘that’s enough now’.  And I am soooo ashamed of this, and please be kind when you judge me (‘cause you will!), but he ended up carrying the two backpacks towards the end ‘cause I just couldn’t anymore. ARG!!! I know, I am so NOT Grylls or Jane (Jane Tarzan, keep up).

So yeah, you’re not backpacking. So what is the point then?

Well, we love travelling, and we always wanted to travel more and to get to know new places. We were also at a point where we were spending way too much money in London (with him starting his own project and (therefore) just one income) and I was ready to start a new adventure and maybe also projects of my own. We decided that our lease coming to an end was the perfect opportunity: we should sell the few things we had, pack up our clothes, put it in storage (AKA mum and dad’s – thank you!) and go live in different places. Cheaper different places. We draw ourselves a budget and picked Southeast Asia.
Now, because we wanted to see new places but also wanted to work on our own projects, we decided we’d try to digital nomad it. We read a few blogs, did a bit of research and off we went in our new adventure.

We still want to learn about new cultures, see new places, and see some pretty cool stuff, but we want to do that while working. Not one or the other, but both. So technically, we don’t think we are on holiday. In fact, we work all week, and take breaks at the weekend, just like other people do. Sure, we have a bit more flexibility with our working schedules, and sometimes we compress all the work in three days because we want to take a full week off, but we’re still working. This is why it is helpful for us to stay in the same place for longer periods, so that we have enough time to work and to visit. And to be honest, if I could, I’d always travel like this. I like to give it enough time to understand how people live and get to know their ways a bit better. You experience places so differently when you stay longer.

Despite the growing numbers of digital nomads out there it seems like this is still a weird concept for some people to grasp. (I mean, you know my views on working hours and all that nonsense).

So what the heck are we doing?
We are exploring new places whilst pursuing new projects.
And we are loving every little second of it.

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