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Stop 9 – Krabi and Koh Lanta

From the lovely Khao Lak we went Ao Nang beach and Noppharat Thara beach in Krabi where we met our friends who were visiting for the New Year’s.
Krabi is known for being a good spot to get the boats to other places (and it also has it’s own airport), meaning that it’s a popular destination, and therefore, both beaches were way more crowded than Khao Lak.

All in all we had great fun because we were all together, and it was New Year’s, and we did get the boats to the nice islands/beaches around, but Krabi’s two main beaches (the above mentioned) were a bit dirty. Honestly, we were walking on the Noppharat beach one day and right at the end we saw this platform dumping some really dodgy looking black gooey substance into the sea. It was disgusting.
Similar happened in Ao Nang beach, we were walking towards the very far end, to take the ‘monkey trail’ to another beach, and just as we got to the trail’s entrance there was sewage being dumped in the sea! And it smelled foul.
Sure maybe they have no other option, maybe there’s no decent sewage systems in place yet, I don’t know; but I do know that at the very least they should have a ‘no swimming’ sign and advise people against going in the sea there.

On most days though, we just hopped on long tail boats and went to some breathtaking islands and beaches close by, so we didn’t risk our health (much) at the local beaches. One of them, a small island named ‘Ko Poda’, was one of my absolutely favourite beaches. It was one of those ‘turquoise waters, white sand, not too crowded, picture-perfect’ places.

Despite the sewage and gooey stuff, the sunset views a Ao Nang/ Noppharat were absolutely stunning (and it was lovely to sit by the sea and watch the fireworks on New Year’s).

Noppharat Thara PicByDreamines
Noppharat Thara

There is such a thing as a free dinner
Here’s one of the things we DID love about where we stayed: our hotel had just opened a few days before our arrival, so they kept giving us stuff – free welcome drinks, they upgraded our rooms and they offered us New Year’s dinner!!! Completely free!! Say whaaaaat? I know! So yeah, can’t really complain can we?

Hello beautiful Koh Lanta
After a week or so in Ao Nang we were super ready to move on – to the stunning Koh Lanta!
It was absolutely gorgeous, and it had such a cool vibe. Our hotel was near one of the coolest beaches (KhIong Khong beach, I think), as it was this long stretch of sand (that doesn’t show on the map for some reason) with loads of little hip beach bars and restaurants. It was PERFECT!
The restaurants were slightly more expensive, to be expected though in a touristy island.
Even though it is well known and touristy, I didn’t feel like it was too crowded at all.
I honestly felt like I could have stayed there much longer… maybe one to come back to?

For most of the time we just hung out at the beach and explored the island (and its food, mostly that).

And after our two week’s holiday, it was time to move on again.

Ko Lanta PicByDreamines
Ko Lanta

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2 thoughts on “Stop 9 – Krabi and Koh Lanta”

    1. Ah such a shame you didn’t get nice weather! We are currently in Vietnam and it’s freezing, so I understand the frustration, trust me!
      But we experienced our share of rain in Thailand too! We only had about 3h of sun in the beautiful island of Ko Poda; after that it literally poured down on us! (And it was expensive to get there!)
      Oh well, we make the most of it either way, right? 🙂


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