I am Ines (Eee-nesh). Welcome to dreamines.

About me

I am passionate about people, travelling and eating. I am super bubbly. I laugh super loud. I eat a LOT. I laugh a LOT.  I pee a LOT (I am only tiny). I am extremely silly. I like using full stops a LOT. People say that my joy is contagious. I hope that through Dreamines I can bring you a bit of that.

About Dreamines

Here I write about what inspires me, about happiness, life and dreams.

People tell me I have a way with words. ‘Work your magic‘, they’ll ask me, handing me anything from a short paragraph to a ten page document. I have always believed in liked magic, so that’s alright with me.

Stick around, who knows, you might like it!


I’d be thrilled to hear from you, here’s my email: dreaminesdream@gmail.com 
Get in touch!

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