My name is Ines. I am half Belgian half Portuguese. After living in London for the past five years, together with my partner, we decided to take a little break and go travelling.

I am passionate about people, travelling and eating. I am happy and bubbly but I have a pretty dark sense of humour. So bubbly and dark. I am quirky that way. People tell me I have a way with words. ‘Work your magic’, they’ll ask me, handing me anything from a short paragraph to a ten page document. I have always believed in liked magic, so that’s alright with me.

I never really knew what I wanted to do, never had a especial dream, but I dreamt a lot; I was always daydreaming, my head was (and is) always in the clouds, most of the time imagining silly stuff. That’s where the title comes from:‘Dreaminess’ means ‘given to daydreams or reverie’ but it can also mean ‘informal inspiring delight’ or ‘wonderful’. And that’s precisely what this blog is about.

Dreamines (cleverly with just one S, see what I did there? ha) is about inspiring and being inspired. To live life with passion and dare to dream. To being happy and making the most of it.  I write about the things I love – mostly shenanigans like happiness, dreams, what inspires me, just because, why not?

Sounds a bit confusing, I know, but I promise (sometimes) it’s good, so stick around!

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