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Stop 1 – Cascais, Portugal

It’s now been a month (a month!!!) since we left London (oh London!). Before we take-off on our adventure through Southeast Asia, we decided to take a little break in Portugal, where we grew up, and spend some time with our family and friends. As we’ll be here for a little while, we thought it… Continue reading Stop 1 – Cascais, Portugal


Happiness in a busy world

It’s been a month since my last post. A month. And to be honest I didn’t even notice it. What’s worst, I didn’t see June coming. The other day I caught myself saying the most unexpected words (for me anyway): “how is it June already?” I was quite shaken by this. Maybe most people will… Continue reading Happiness in a busy world


What I learned cheering the London Marathon

*image credits: Virgin London Marathon website It’s been a while since I’ve written on the Blog. Sure enough I did just start full time, but to be honest I haven’t been there a full week yet; I got this nasty hay fever + cold/flu that completely threw me down for a week and half! Honestly… Continue reading What I learned cheering the London Marathon