Dreamifood, London

The Muffin Man – Kensington High Street

As a good foodie – or in less hipster words, 'as the little pig that I am' – I appreciate all meals: breakfast, morning snack (or as the Hobbits call it, second breakfast), lunch, afternoon snack one and afternoon snack two OR afternoon tea, dinner, evening snack… A few weekends ago I met two friends… Continue reading The Muffin Man – Kensington High Street

Dreamifood, London

London restaurants: Sushi Samba

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our paper anniversary: our first year together as a married couple. As a surprised, the hubby booked us a table at the very fancy Sushi Samba. I am really scared of heights, but I had heard and read about the place, and was curious to see it. I… Continue reading London restaurants: Sushi Samba


Homemade: Butternut squash love

As I said at the beginning of the week I love autumn, and it’s not just about all the festivities, colours, and everything else I mentioned. It’s also about the food. Autumns’ fruit and vegetables provide some of the richest flavours you can ever taste. It’s after all the season when apples are at their… Continue reading Homemade: Butternut squash love

Dreamifood, London

London restaurants: El Gaucho (not Gaucho)

When we first moved to London I used to ask my colleagues for tips and advice on where to go. Once I asked where I could get a really good steak and the answer was unanimous: Gaucho. Gaucho is a famous restaurant chain, there’s several in London and a few international, that delivers the very… Continue reading London restaurants: El Gaucho (not Gaucho)

Dreamifood, London

London restaurants: Luna Nuova (best Italian in London!)

In the spirit of Halloween I was going to write a pumpkin-powered post, however I got side tracked and we’re talking Italian heaven instead. At the lack of will to cook this weekend (for our friends who were visiting) we decided to look up a Restaurant nearby instead. We mentioned this Italian place we’ve been… Continue reading London restaurants: Luna Nuova (best Italian in London!)

Dreamifood, London

The most romantic restaurant in London

I always feel like it’s presumptuous to call anything ‘the most something’, only because unless we’ve tried everything else how can we tell which one is the most anything? In spite of that we always end up googling things like ‘the most trendy clubs in London’, ‘the better price/quality meals in east London’, ‘the best… Continue reading The most romantic restaurant in London